New Baby Swimming School in Frankfurt



Welcome to Frankfurt’s first purpose-built baby and preschool children swimming centre. Now finally open, Starswimmers is a brand-new swimming school which is focused on babies, toddlers and pre-school swimming classes.

Our mission is straightforward: to have our little swimmers swimming independently before joining school while having fun and making friends. We strive to achieve this objective by providing enjoyable and gradual swimming lessons that cultivate a lifelong passion for water, promote an active lifestyle, and, most importantly, teach children a vital life skill.

Our newly built centre in Schweizer Str. 54c (Sachsenhausen) has been carefully designed with the comfort and convenience of both young swimmers and their parents in mind. The warm and inviting pool provides the ideal setting for learning and our changing rooms have been meticulously designed to ease the transition to and from the pool.

Please check our “Classes and Courses” and “Terms and Fees” sections to book your spot.



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Schweizer Str 54c
60594 Frankfurt am Main


About us

Hi – I am Juliana and teaching swimming has always been my calling. After teaching thousands of babies and toddlers to swim in Brazil, Sydney and London I have decided to found Starswimmers to create a premium swimming space for babies and toddlers in Frankfurt. I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you there soon.

At Starswimmers, we focus on water safety and swimming technique and we try to get there by helping our little students to feel good about themselves. With us, you can expect a lot of praise, high fives and encouragements as we positively look to teach and develop everyone we work with.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there parking spaces for cars?

We do not have designated car parking spots. However, there are some streets in the vicinity of Schweizer Platz where you may find available parking. Please note that finding a free parking spot can be challenging at times. However, we are easily joinable by public transport as we are just by Schweizer Platz. Also, for those coming on foot we have a garage where people can leave their buggies at their own risk and on a first-come first-served basis.

Can I pay for a drop-in session?

We do not offer drop-in sessions, but we do provide paid trial lessons. This means that instead of attending a single session as a drop-in, you have the option to participate in a trial lesson by paying for it separately. It allows you to experience our program before committing to a full-term enrolment.

Can I have a trial lesson?

We do provide paid trial lessons. To determine availability, kindly refer to the timetable. If there is an open spot in the class you intend to join, please send us an email one day prior to the scheduled lesson, and we will try to accommodate your request. However, please not that our booking system operates on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is possible for someone to enrol in the class during the time between our agreement on the trial lesson and the actual scheduled day and time. If such a situation arises, we will promptly contact you and propose an alternative day and/or time.

Can I have a trial in the class that I want to join?

We try to accommodate trial lessons in the class you wish to join, but there are instances where we may suggest an alternative day and/or time. This is because the class you desire to join might be in an advanced stage of the level, and slowing down the class to provide a proper introduction may disrupt the learning experience for already existing participants. Our goal is to ensure the best possible learning environment for everyone involved.

Can I have a makeup lesson?

At this point in time, we do not offer makeup lessons as currently our booking system cannot support this. More importantly, for the progress of our little swimmers it is important to establish a regular habit as well as a strong rapport with the teacher. This we cannot guarantee for make-up classes as we tend to have different teachers on different days. If a little swimmer is accustomed to a particular class and teacher, participating in a make up lesson with a different group and teacher may result in the little swimmer´s dissatisfaction which would be at the expense of the other regular participants of such class. In addition, our experience shows that where makeup lessons are offered this adversely affects regular attendance rates which again impacts on the swimming progress.

I am going on holiday; Can I pay just for the lessons that I can participate?

At the moment, we require payment for the full term of 12 weeks if you choose to participate in swimming lessons. By enrolling for the term, you agree to attend and pay for all the term. If you anticipate being away for a significant proportion of the term, it may be more appropriate to skip that term and return when you have a more stable schedule.

I want to join the class, can Starswimmers book for me?

Unfortunately, we are unable to make the booking on your behalf. To join a class, kindly visit our website and make the booking yourself. You will have the opportunity to select the desired class and level that you wish to join through our online booking system.

I don´t like to provide my SEPA, can I pay in a different way?

Certainly, if you prefer not to provide your SEPA details, you have the option to make a bank transfer for the payment. In this case, we would kindly request that you pay for the full term upfront, rather than monthly instalments. Please keep in mind that our booking system operates on a first-come, first-served basis, and your spot will only be secured once we receive the payment confirmation. We cannot guarantee the availability of the spot if someone else books it before we receive your payment.

I joined after the course started do I need to pay for the past classes before I joined?

No, if you join the course after it has already started, you will only need to pay for the classes which are still scheduled to take place. We recommend reviewing our terms and condition to gain a complete understanding of our payment policies.

Do I need to attend the same time and day every week?

Yes, for the 12 week term, it is necessary to attend the lessons at the same designated time and day each week. Your booking will be confirmed for a specific day and time slot, ensuring consistency throughout the term. This allows for a structured learning experience and maintains a cohesive class dynamic.

Can I have unlimited swimming with the monthly payment?

The monthly payment option does not provide unlimited swimming access. The monthly payment specifically covers the class and the designated time slot that you are booked for the duration of the term. It does not grant access to additional swimming sessions beyond your scheduled class.