Prenatal Aqua Classes

Are you expecting a little one and looking for a safe and gentle way to stay active? Our prenatal aqua class is perfect for you! Our expert instructors have designed this program with the unique needs of expectant mothers in mind, considering the changes your body is going through. You’ll enjoy a combination of strength, cardio, and relaxation exercises that will help you stay fit and prepare your body for the big day, all without putting undue pressure on your joints.

Home Swimming

Do you have access to a swimming pool at your residence or building in Frankfurt? Let us bring the lessons to you and learn in the comfort of your own home in a familiar environment. Our expert teacher will provide you with undivided attention and tailor the lesson plan to meet your specific needs, ensuring that you learn faster and with the correct technique. Our home swimming program caters to all age groups, from babies to senior swimmers, and all levels, from beginners to competitive swimmers.


Looking to preserve those precious memories of your child’s swimming journey? Starswimmers offers a unique opportunity to have a photoshoot with Jordana Barale, a renowned international photographer from London who is also a baby swimming teacher.

Please note that before booking a photoshoot, your baby should be confident and comfortable going underwater. The photoshoot only takes place on a few selected dates each year. If you are a Starswimmers client, we will inform you when the next photoshoot is scheduled. Otherwise, please follow us on Instagram to stay updated.