Client Love

As a maternity nurse and nanny who has worked around the world and with countless VIP families, I have met and observed many swim teachers, and their lessons, and have spent a lot of time in the pool. To say that Julianna is above the average for swim teaching expertise would be an understatement. Julianna’s lesson surpasses anything I have ever witnessed when interacting and teaching young children an important skill. Julianna has a natural affinity with children and endears herself to them effortlessly. She is calm, playful and genuinely enjoys what she does. For example, my current clients have a four-year-old, 2.5-year-old and a 12-month-old all who not only adore Julianna but are way ahead of their peer group when it comes to their swimming confidence and skills. Their swim lessons with Julianna are their favourite of the week and I just love how excited they are to jump into the pool with her. Julianna is amazing with children and babies and has an extensive repertoire of games, songs, resources and exercises to teach the important skills of swimming and also pool safety. She easily redirects the children and wholly has their focus for the entire lesson – they never want it to end! Julianna does not babysit children in the water – each lesson is carefully planned to be age and confidence appropriate and she takes genuine pride and joy in actually teaching in the pool and making the most of the lesson time. Not only is Julianna an investment in your children’s swimming skills and confidence, she is a joy to be around and exudes warmth and enthusiasm every single lesson without fail. I honestly believe she is the best children’s swim instructor in London and any family would be lucky to book with her.


Maternity Nurse & Nanny

Juliana has such a lovely and shining personality that I think everyone who once comes across her likes her from the first sight. She’s a very professional swimming teacher and has an individual approach to each child which makes her even more valuable 🙂 She is a swimming teacher for four kids in the family I work for and every time I see the kids coming to her lessons they are very excited, happy and looking forward to it. The kids are very small and don’t speak that much, but most of them already know the name of their teacher and pronounce it with a big smile on the face. We have never had any problems with Juliana in terms of working matters- she’s always on time, always in a good mood and with a positive attitude to the kids. The staff in the house like her as well, because she’s always cooperative and easy to deal with. I would definitely recommend Juliana as a swimming teacher for your kids, because she will help your kids not only to learn essential skill, but also will bring the smile and happiness on their little faces.


Irina, PA to Directors

“Juliana is amazing – fun, enthusiastic and an amazing teacher. She’s been teaching my son ever since he was 4 months old and I’ve watched as he’s grown in confidence and enjoyed every lesson – he looks forward to them on a weekly basis. Juliana provides structured learning, building confidence and technique with the kids – all the while making it a fun process where the kids feel more at play and don’t necessarily realise they are learning. I can’t speak highly enough about her, she’s worked persistently with me and many parents to help get children through tricky baby/toddler stages and reluctance to participate – and she does it effortlessly! I’ve always wanted to raise my children as confident swimmers and Juliana has been a godsend.”

Taryn, Oscar and Cooper mum